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amy abnobotchi

Amy Abnobotchi

This miniature sized maniac is known to be the only living human in a world full of animals that have evolved to a human level of intelligence (or, at least some of them have). She considers herself the boss of the Mystery Club and is over confident in her own strength, for better or for worse, and she has a seriously loose grip on her sanity!

professor loco

Professor Loco

This is another member of the Mystery Club who has the torturous task of keeping Amy under control which proves difficult being the push over that he is. He is the most intelligent character and is a science genius, however when it comes to experimenting he doesn’t, shall we say, let the law stand in his way.

tiger streak

Tiger Streak

His skills consist of deception and treachory, and he can tell lies like it's second nature. He truly is self-centered and will use anyone without remorse to achieve his goals. If only the ones begining to put their trust in him could see what his true intentions are, but he really is quite cunning so it may take others a while to see through him.



This little cat seems to have fallen madly in love with Professor Loco, and is willing to do practically anything to get his attention, even if that means super-glueing himself to a tree, but poor Pooty's love is completely unrequited.

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